Who is a wedding consultant?


Who is a wedding consultant?

Wedding consultant, i.e. The wedding planner is a person who helps the bride and groom in organizing the wedding and wedding party and supports them in the decision-making process related to the planning of the ceremony. He can advise on choosing a wedding dress or suit, send out invitations to guests, arrange decorations in the church or help in choosing a photographer. The operation of the wedding planner is actually very broad and depends on the expectations of the newlyweds.

Only one-stop service? Of course not!

A wedding consultant can organize a wedding comprehensively, but can also only coordinate this most important wedding day. What is this service about? It is a very good solution for those newlyweds who want to select subcontractors themselves and settle all issues with them. The role of the wedding planner is to ensure that all companies fulfill their tasks. For this purpose, the wedding consultant prepares the wedding scenario, and on the day of the ceremony, he coordinates and controls the work of subcontractors selected by the bride and groom. This is a good solution for those couples who have a limited budget, but would like to have peace of mind on their wedding day and enjoy this special day.

A wedding consultant - is it worth using his services?

Although the services of wedding planners are quite popular, many brides wonder what benefits can be derived from employing such an adviser. First of all, the Young Couple receives professional advice and knowledge. At Mucha z Welon, we gained them during many years of work in the public relations industry and during the organization of various types of events and occasional celebrations.

Another major asset to consider is trusted subcontractors. The wedding planner works only with proven companies recommended by their name and reputation to the newlyweds. There is no randomness, low-quality work or lack of reliability here. The wedding planner is responsible for all of this.

Who is a wedding consultant for?

A wedding planner is nowadays a help for every newlyweds. We are more and more busy, we have less and less time and we often live under stress. Organizing a wedding on your own is not a simple task. Of course, if the Young Couple has the time and willingness, they can organize this special day on their own and face all the challenges that come with it. However, the pace of life and daily duties mean that fewer and fewer couples decide to shoulder this responsibility. Especially those who would like to organize a unique wedding reception.

If you feel that the organization of your wedding party could overwhelm you or you have no idea about it and do not want to deal with this issue - contact us. We will advise and suggest the best solutions.