Wedding slip-ups of our serial favorites


Everyone who has participated in a wedding ceremony at least once in their lives knows that wedding mishaps can happen even to the best. And although they sometimes seem even funny, they can provide the newlyweds with a lot of emotions. The filmmakers know this very well, because the world of film and series is full of comic situations during the weddings of our favorite heroes from the screen. Here are the funniest wedding mishaps that teach you what to avoid.

Almost every future young couple dreams of a fairy-tale wedding - beautiful outfits, romantic scenery, tables full of unusual delicacies, smiling guests and, most importantly, without any disturbances! In order to avoid unnecessary emotions, we try to plan every detail. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens with plans that they don't always go our way. In such situations, the help of a person such as a wedding consultant is invaluable. A wedding planner is a person who watches over the proper course of the ceremony. These heroes certainly regretted that their wedding planner was missing.

Charlotte, Harry and the wedding disaster

These two heroes of "Sex and the City" had a love for each other as great and unexpected. When Charlotte grieved over a failed marriage and began to doubt her love for death row, she met Harry. It was he, as her attorney, who helped her through the hardships of divorce. However, love did not come immediately. At first, Harry was not handsome enough in Charlotte's eyes, nor was he polite enough. Unexpected love resulted in a wedding. However, this, unlike the heroine's first wedding, ran completely differently than planned - from the fateful speech of the groom's best man, to a fall during a dance, to an unexpected fire. For the always elegant and dignified Charlotte, such wedding bloopers meant only one thing - a disaster! To this day, we wonder why Charlotte, who likes to have everything carefully planned, had no wedding planner. He would certainly have remedied him in many difficult moments, and it is impossible to count those at their wedding. However, there is nothing bad that would not turn out to be good. Despite their initial setbacks, Charlotte and Harry created the most enduring and most loving marriage in the show.

Emily, Ross i …Rachel

In the series "Friends", almost every hero had a wedding slip-up. In fact, you could say that the show started with a scene when Rachel, wearing a wedding dress, ran into our famous friends' favorite cafe, escaping from her own wedding. Years later, she met Ross, who was very much in love with her at one time. As predictable, old feelings revived, and Ross and Rachel began to be together. The relationship, however, did not turn out to be lasting, and the couple returned to each other and spread out throughout almost all seasons of the series, giving viewers considerable emotions.

Meanwhile, Ross even got married. This chosen one was just Emily - the English girl who captured Ross's heart after another parting with Rachel. At the wedding, everything was buttoned up to the last button, the ceremony was to be beautiful and lavish. So what went wrong? Well, while taking the oath, Ross confused the name of his future wife, Emily, with that of his ex-girlfriend - Rachel. As you can probably guess, the wedding was not a successful one. And here the question arises - could the wedding planner prevent such a development of events? While even the best wedding consultant has no influence on our linguistic blunders, he can certainly ease the inflamed situation and cool down unnecessary emotions. Well, if Ross and Emily had thought of hiring someone like a wedding planner for their wedding in advance, perhaps their marriage would have been a different story. Nevertheless, in the end, Ross and Rachel were the ones who made their love for each other in the final episode of "Friends," and in the pilot episode of the spin-off of the series called "Joey," we learn that they got married.

Monica, Chandler and wedding slippers

Monica and Chandler are perhaps the most beloved couple of the iconic "Friends". We could follow their fate from the beginning of the series, but we had to wait a few seasons for their love. It all started at Ross and Emily's unfortunate wedding, when one of the wedding guests asked Monica if she was Ross's mother. In fact, Monika was his sister. Seeking consolation, she ended up in Chandler's room, one of her friends.

Daze with alcohol did its job, and Monica and Chandler… ended up in bed. They have become inseparable ever since. So inseparable that the wedding was inevitable. And so it happened. The preparations took a long time, because Monica was famous for her love of order, perfection and great organization. Perhaps that's why she didn't think about hiring a wedding planner - she thought she would plan her party better. But this time she was wrong. When the moment came for the newlyweds to dance their first dance, it turned out that Chandler is unable to stay on the dance floor because his shoes are too slippery. And this is how the performance was supposed to look perfect, and we had to watch the clunky bends. Application? Sometimes, despite our organizational skills, it is worth thinking about someone to help. A wedding is a great and stressful experience, and a wedding planner is designed to let the newlyweds enjoy the moment and the fact that everything looks perfect, instead of being stressed by mishaps.

So if you dream of a unique wedding without any distractions, consider hiring a professional like a wedding consultant. A wedding planner will surely take care of your party and help you deal with more than one oppression.