Wedding in Warsaw - how to find the perfect venue?


Celebrating a wedding in Warsaw is quite a challenge. After all, a wedding in the capital requires special preparations and organizational and logistical skills, as it is difficult in the maze of hundreds of offers to choose an option perfectly matching our expectations. The list of venues is so long that the search alone could take weeks, and where is the time to plan the other issues? Your concerns are understandable to us, so we come to help! Here is our guide to the best wedding venues in and around Warsaw!

"Organization of weddings Warsaw" is one of the most frequently typed keywords by couples living in the capital. Unfortunately, many newlyweds-to-be, despite their search, still do not find the expected answer, because after searching the keyword "organization of weddings Warsaw" we are lost in a flood of advertising proposals, not necessarily the ones we are expecting. In order to facilitate your search for wedding venues in the capital, we have created a list of the most interesting and unique places for a fairy tale wedding in and around Warsaw.

Wedding venues Warsaw: Rozalin Palace

If you dream of getting married in Poland's largest city, and at the same time appreciate peace, quiet, space and abundance of nature, Rozalin Palace is the perfect place for you! This is because the property is located in the midst of enchanting with its beauty forest complexes and vast fields and meadows. Another advantage will also be the rich menu - created from local, seasonal products, natural herbs and meats smoked in the restaurant's smokehouse.

Organization of weddings Warsaw: Szklarnia Grodzisk

Szklarnia Grodzisk is only 30 kilometers from Warsaw. This is a unique place, distinguished by its sophisticated interior - the wood and glass used in the arrangement of the premises, combine both tradition and modernity. The whole unconventional design is complemented by the surroundings of picturesque nature and excellent cuisine.

Wedding organization Warsaw: Mała Wieś Palace

Located near Warsaw, the Mała Wieś Palace is a place which will especially delight lovers of old architecture, as its design refers to the 18th century Orangery, which is additionally located among the trees. The view of the stunning French garden, which is adjacent to the park, will surely enchant not only the newlyweds, but also the invited guests.

Organization of weddings Warsaw: Cicha 23

Located in Marki, the event space called "Cicha23" is an area created with nature and people who prefer an ecological lifestyle in mind, as the venue was created in the spirit of "zero waste". Only wood from proven sources and environmentally reclaimed glass and metal were used to create this facility. Needless to say, an integral part of this architecture is the greenery surrounding the site.

Organization of weddings Warsaw: Gajówka Obręb

Gajówka Obręb is a place located on the edge of the village, in the village of Obręb, within the Chojnowski Park of Nature, amidst pine fields, meadows and forests - an ideal space for lovers of rustic style. 
In addition to the charming nature, the unique atmosphere is also created by the unusual interior of the facility, which brings together two different worlds - old Polish customs and modern elegance.


If you, too, dream of a fairy-tale wedding, but have not yet found the perfect place - contact us.
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