Decoration trends 2021 - hot tips!


Both 2020 and 2021 will remain in our memory for many years. The pandemic changed practically everything, from the perception of the world to people's behavior and the restriction of our rights and freedoms. Nevertheless, you need to be optimistic for the next few months and not give up when it comes to organizing wedding receptions. That is why, as a wedding planner, we have prepared a few tips for you, young couples: what to do to make your wedding delight not only for you, but also for your guests.


1. Wedding decorations

Brides this year, put on XXL bouquets. They should attract the attention of guests and fully reflect your soul. In addition, they must go hand in hand with the wedding dress and decorations in the wedding hall. Don't be afraid to experiment. Large floral decorations wonderfully complement other elements of the ceremony.

2. The leitmotif, still timeless

Develop the theme of your wedding, and if you have a problem with it, he will support you in these activities. It is great fun and can bring you even closer together. Choose something that is your common passion, what you like together, about which you cry together with emotion, or maybe you are laughing hard. It is important that the theme is close to both of you.
When you decide, for example, on a particular favorite movie, make sure that every detail fits together. The wedding planner will take care of these issues, take care of everything and propose creative solutions. At the same time, relieving you on this beautiful day.

3. Personalization of wedding decorations

Nowadays, it is possible to personalize virtually every element of decoration. This is your day, so make sure that your person accompanies the guests throughout the evening. You can use your common photos, names, initials, choose gifts for guests that are close to your heart. The possibilities are endless.

4. A small wedding and wedding decorations

Limiting the number of guests at a wedding reception has its advantages. First of all, you will spend this special day in the company of your loved ones. Thus, the expenses for the wedding will be reduced. You can invest the saved money in beautiful wedding decorations, your dream wedding dress or fancy jewelry that you have never dreamed of. Your wedding will be beautiful and effective thanks to the help of irreplaceable wedding planners, and you will be surrounded by your loved ones.

5. DIY - DIY wedding decorations

If you have the soul of an artist, you can try to prepare your own decorations. Such an activity will surely de-stress you before the wedding and reception, bring you even closer to each other and strengthen your bonds.
However, if you do not feel up to such a challenge, leave the preparation of decorations to professionals and sleep well? Professional help will also be provided by the wedding planner, who will coordinate the entire work.

6. Tones of wedding decorations
This year, we focus on pastel colors of wedding decorations. They can create a beautiful and romantic wedding atmosphere. We recommend delicate pink, blue, yellow or even orange. You can mix them at will. We guarantee that the pastel color palette will delight your guests.

7. Wedding decorations - good lighting is a guarantee of the success of each wedding

Remember to provide romantic lighting at your wedding. You can use light garlands, Christmas tree lights or candles for this purpose. There is a full range of lighting on the market that will create a unique atmosphere at your wedding. The light should be warm and unobtrusive.

Trust your wedding consultant - the wedding planner will advise you on what type of light suits your wedding theme.

We hope you will find our advice useful in planning this unique day! If you have any questions, feel free to write. We have been a wedding planner for several years on the market and we are at your disposal, we will be happy to help you organize your wedding and reception.