Organization of the wedding - what you need to remember


Organizing a wedding is a time full of emotions - on the one hand, excitement at the thought of the most important day of our life, and on the other, the fear that we will cope with the challenge and not miss any detail. Unfortunately, pre-wedding stress is a common cause of many unplanned events. What cannot be forgotten when planning a wedding and a wedding reception? Here is a list of the most important issues that will help you keep your eye on everything and organize the party step by step.

Step 1 - choosing the date

Has become! He asked if you would become his wife and you replied: YES !!! Ahead of you many beautiful moments together, but also the challenge of organizing the wedding. Where to start? First of all, from setting the date. The further plan of the event and the theme of the event will depend on it. The season is of great importance here - from the availability of seasonal products, to the theme of the outdoor session and the decor of the wedding hall. Once you have chosen the perfect date for you, it is imperative to establish a wedding budget that will have an impact on many other factors.

Step 2 - choosing a place

When our wedding budget is estimated, we can proceed to choosing a place. However, it is not that easy. Many aspects must be taken into account, such as location, style of the room, number of guests as well as technical issues and the availability of space at the time specified by us. When we manage to find the dream venue, the further organization of the wedding will involve establishing a list of guests.

Step 3 - selection of subcontractors

Having a set date, estimated budget, reserved premises and created list of guests, it's time to think about establishing cooperation with people without whom our wedding could not take place. This is the time when it is worth looking for a good hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, musical setting, wedding stationery or florist. While searching, one should also think about what we expect - whether the party is to be held in a classic, traditional, modern, or maybe minimalist or rustic style.


Step 4 - Choosing Wedding Outfits

Although this task seems easy and pleasant, in fact, the search for a dream wedding dress or a perfectly tailored suit requires extraordinary patience. It is not only the price and model that counts, but also the availability or the possibility of making corrections. Therefore, before we proceed to the search, it is worth making a list of salons that offer a wide and good quality range.


Step 5 - choosing a wedding planner

Many future newlyweds start to worry at the very first stage of preparation at the very thought of what awaits them - you have to remember about every detail and date, and find qualified and proven subcontractors. Therefore, in order to save yourself time and unnecessary nerves, it is worth considering employing a professional wedding planner for whom organizing the wedding is a daily bread - from the necessary documents to planning the smallest details of the ceremony. This solution will allow us to enjoy the moment without worrying about unexpected disruptions to the most beautiful day of our lives.


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