Organization of a civil wedding outdoors


Although we still associate weddings outdoors with American films, more and more Poles decide to marry in the surroundings of nature. This solution allows you to plan an original outdoor party that will surely delight all guests. Here are unusual places that will make your wedding stay in your memory for a long time.

Wedding on the beach

Let those who have never dreamed of a wedding party on the beach with a fairy-tale scenery of blue sea and sand warm from the sun's rays in the background raise their hand. As it turns out, what has remained only in terms of our desires, today has a chance to be fulfilled. Organizing a wedding by the water is a perfect solution for people who love the summer aura and sea breeze. Remember, however, that this type of party must be planned well in advance, so as to be in time with all legal regulations and all formalities.

Garden party

Organizing a wedding in the garden is a solution that will provide an extraordinary atmosphere and can be very economical and practical, for example thanks to the fact that we do not have to book additional nights for the closest relatives. It is worth adding, however, that a wedding party in the garden is not a good idea for people with a large family - there is a fear that there will not be enough places for all guests.

Forest wedding

A wedding ceremony and wedding reception in the forest is primarily a proposal for couples who appreciate closeness to nature and the surroundings of picturesque trees. Choosing such a place is also associated with countless possibilities of arranging this type of space - from rustic decorations to those straight from our favorite fantasy novels. Of course, the organization of a wedding in a forest also involves establishing legal issues with the forest inspectorate responsible for the given area. Consideration should also be given to issues related to the close presence of nature to best protect against uninvited insects or a sudden change in weather.

If you also dream of an extraordinary party with nature in the background, and you still do not know where to start, how to prepare or what conditions must be met, do not waste your time and contact us. We will help you create a fairy-tale wedding even in the most unusual place!