Mishaps, blunders, blunders - the most serious wedding sins from the perspective of a wedding planner


Blows up at weddings - smaller, bigger, fun and those that make the Bride and Groom completely unable to laugh. There are very few celebrations where the proverbial "mishaps" do not happen - although where an experienced wedding planner appears, their risk should be reduced practically to zero. Therefore, today we would like to present you some of the most serious mishaps that, from our point of view, may have a negative impact on the course of the wedding. We will also advise you on how to avoid them.

Lost wedding rings

In our opinion, this is the most serious image failure related to the wedding day - especially if everything comes out during the ceremony. Interestingly, it concerned one of us.

- Patrycja - ,,The ring was not lost by the witness, only the person accompanying the witness. And since the ring case was made in a rustic style from a piece of wood, had no visible zipper and reminded her of a "wooden peg", she hadn't thought there might be anything there. As a result, the wedding rings found themselves in the grass, in a roadside ditch near the church. Apparently it took a while for our friends to find them, but luckily they made it, and we found out about it, let's call it an incident, after the fact - a few days after the wedding ''.

What is our advice on this? Spare wedding rings? ;-) Of course not, but it is worth thinking about a tightly closed package that will prevent the rings from falling out and make the witness seriously guard them ;-) using something to replace them.

Absent subcontractor

Apart from lost wedding rings, this is one of the worst mishaps that can happen to a young couple and spoil their dream wedding day. Of course, there are various unfortunate random situations, such as an accident or disease, but unfortunately you can also run into a dishonest company. What to do then?

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that wedding planner works only with trusted and proven companies. Based on our experience, we can assure you that such events are extremely rare. In addition, such a subcontractor then tries to arrange a replacement. In addition, the wedding planner works with many partners, which gives the opportunity to quickly organize another subcontractor.

However, if you organize the wedding party yourself - think about possible crisis scenarios and alternative solutions in advance. No photographer? Ask any of your wedding guests, if they have a digital camera, to take pictures of you during the party. Did the camera operator disappoint you? Let your friends record the celebration with their mobile phones. Currently, most smartphones can record images in 4K resolution, at 60 frames per second, or record in fast or slow motion. Then, from such material, you can assemble a very natural and spontaneous movie, which can be an interesting and cool souvenir.
We are aware that such solutions are makeshift but better than nothing ;-) Of course, you can always think of two independent photographers, but first of all, not every wedding party requires it (it is advisable at large events) and these are also additional costs. And yet you will not order two independent camera operators or candy bars just in case ;-)


Badly chosen and unprofessionally made makeup

Organizing a wedding ceremony and reception is a big challenge. If you are doing it yourself and not the wedding planner, remember not only to think about the invited guests but also about yourself! It often happens that a bride is so overwhelmed by the burden of duties that she misses one of the most important issues - wedding makeup.

It is very important to choose a make-up artist carefully and, above all, to arrange a trial make-up. Then there is a chance to correct it or look for a new make-up person. There is probably nothing worse for a bride than makeup that does not match her face and complexion, which creates a mask and runs off. After all, no bride wants to look bad on one of the most important days of her life. Remember, makeup is to emphasize your beauty advantages, not your imperfections. We don't want that ;-)

From the wedding planner's perspective, there is one more very important issue related to makeup. It includes such elements as: the theme of the wedding party, the appearance of the groom and witnesses, and the wedding dress. Make-up must create a coherent whole with all these details. For example, a more expressive make-up will work with a glamor style than, for example, with a delicate and romantic rustic atmosphere. A proven wedding consultant should know this and, together with a make-up artist, guide the bride on the right track.

Skin problems

Since we mentioned makeup, it is also worth referring to skin problems. On this point, one of us is a perfect example again.

Patrycja - “I am an allergy sufferer who, apart from being allergic to any pollen, also developed a food allergy with age. Several days Before the wedding, my friends and I went to our favorite Italian restaurant, where I always eat seafood. It was the same this time, but I decided to try the scallop exceptionally. Yes, they were delicious, but a few hours later I got a huge red rash and a high temperature. I had it on my calves (luckily the dress was long), on the neckline and all over my arms. I ended up with painful injections in ... guess where, which helped a bit, but the rash on the legs and hands still looked terrible and the skin was burning and itchy. The pimples were practically gone from the neckline, but the hands still looked macabre. It was so bad that I asked the cameraman not to film them and the photographer not to take close-ups while putting the rings on. That is why I do not recommend experimenting with food before the wedding, especially if you are allergic like me ;-) And if you suddenly have any skin problems, it is good to go to a proven and trusted beauty salon right away. Then there is still a chance to save :-)

Invalid seating of guests at the wedding

Why is this a slip-up? We already translate. Giving guests freedom in this regard is a big mistake, because it causes chaos and sometimes unnecessary misunderstandings and stressful situations between wedding guests. Therefore, it is good to have a table plan prepared at the entrance, and they should be numbered and have vignettes with the name and surname of the guests.
What's next? Sit your family and friends next to each other, but remember that if, for example, parents are divorced and come with accompanying persons, and to make matters worse, they do not like each other, then they have to be seated separately, but pregnant in the "family sector". The family should always sit next to each other - after all, a wedding is a time of joy, which gives the opportunity to talk together, and often the family also has the opportunity to meet at such ceremonies after a long break. However, bear in mind all the likes and dislikes that reign in the family and among friends. We know that your wedding is a special and extremely happy time for you, but it is better to avoid unnecessary tension on this day. A professional wedding consultant should also remember this and make you sensitive to these types of issues.

Also, remember not to seat teenagers with young children at the same table or singles among couples alone. And on this occasion, it is worth quoting the story of our friend Kasia.

Kasia - "Once upon a time, I became a witness at my friends' wedding. Everything was great, I was very happy with this fact, but I did not know the witness before, and he did not know me, and we were without accompanying persons. As a result, we did not speak to each other practically throughout the entire wedding party - just some casual polite conversations. My and the bride and groom's friends were sitting somewhere far from our table so it was impossible to talk either and it was difficult to have fun together. I got bored very much throughout the ceremony ''.


They are recommended at a wedding party because they build a family atmosphere and a joyful mood. For example, the closest family speaks, sometimes witnesses or one of their friends. However, it is good to have control over them - ask for their preparation in writing and the wedding consultant should include them in the wedding schedule. Without it, the speeches can be chaotic, and besides, probably no one would like to hear in the presence of their future spouse and family about their former party excesses or old loves. We say NO to such mishaps!

On the occasion of the speech, we will not delve into the details of its construction, but we would like to mention at the end that in the case of an international ceremony, when wedding speeches are given in a foreign language, it is worth taking care of a good translation. A good translation, i.e. one that in both language versions will allow the guests to capture the humor and message of the speech. Sometimes, on the occasion of this type of event, the wedding consultant may suggest the presence of an interpreter who will speak / read the translation or prepare printouts with translation for guests.

As few wedding bloopers as possible, Beloved! We wish it for you and for ourselves ;-)